On a trip through Northern Italy in 2008 we discovered what was quite possibly the oldest poster under open skies.

Against all the odds it had survived for 70 years in a narrow lane in the historic district of Bergamo, next to Palazzo Terzi, on a door on the ground floor of all places, where one would think countless elbows had time enough to rub off the flaking fragments.

It was also surprising that the name ”Kesselring” in the centre of the poster hadn’t sparked some hostile reaction towards it. Generalfeldmarschall Kesselring was in charge of the retreating Nazi occupation forces from the advancing Allies and was tried after the war for the mass murder of Italian civilians in retribution for partisan activities.

A few years later Google street view images of Via Rosate in Bergamo showed the historic building with the war poster on its front door in scaffolding. Most probably it will have been cleaned from the grime of the century. But this being Italy, you never know. Someone please check this out !