Posters in Art

Fading posters and their fragments coming to light from under layer upon layer of later posters can be found on any urban site where abandonment and neglect allows walls or gates to develop insulating paper clothing up to several inches thick.

In its final stages when many years of news and hundreds of posters on top of each other can no longer be held to the surface by that first inaugural coat of glue, this weighty horizontal stack starts to come apart from the edges. Water seeps in from the sides and bulges them out so that the formerly flat surface develops gradually into an oddly concave shape.

Even then merciless afficheurs or bill posters add more layers every few days or nights to the failing structure and one wonders if anyone has ever witnessed the exact moment that final straw breaks the camel’s back and the whole lot comes crashing down onto the sidewalk.

That is, if Monsieur Jacques de la Villeglé wasn’t coming to the rescue.